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All your HP needs can be met quickly by our HP support team. We have years of experience in solving customer problems. We can help with any HP printer model running Windows, Mac and mobile platforms. Including 123 Hp com Setup, Drivers Download, Drivers Install, Printer Setup, Printer Connection, and troubleshooting of all Hp models.

What is 123 HP Com Setup ?

HP authorities developed a comprehensive set of instructions at 123 Hp com/setup to provide users with a smooth platform for their HP Printer Setup-related services. It is the official link HP has provided its users with an all-new user interface for 2022 to setup and configuration issues with all HP printer models. Like Quickly set up your HP Printer for the first time, download and install HP printer driver software, promptly set up your HP printer wirelessly, mobile printing set up, HP printer scan and fax set up. Avail HP print support using Smart App, support for HP printer troubleshooting and fix printer issues with tools like HP AirPrint and Scan Doctor Support utilizing 123 HP Com Setup.

HP Printer Setup with These 9 Steps via 123 hp com setup

1. Unbox the printer and bring the printer out of the box.
2. Remove all the packing material from the hp printer and its parts.
3. Plug your printer power cord into a power socket. Press the power button to turn on the printer.
4. Next, set up language, date, region, etc on the printer screen.
5. Install the HP printer’s original ink cartridge in the printer. Refer to the printer manual. If you have any confusion
6. You will get a notification on the screen after closing the door.
7. Now put A4 paper in the paper tray.
8. HP printer will align sheet and ink cartridge.
9. Now HP printer will ask for a connection.

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Hp Printer Models With Their Setup Guide​

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Download HP Printer Drivers via 123 hp setup

1: Open Web Browser and Type “123 hp com setup”.

2: Enter “HP Printer Model Number” in the space provided.

3: Choose the Printer Driver Acording to Opreating System windows, MAC, And Linux.

4: Click on the “Download” button.

5: Go to the downloaded folder and run the software file to install the drivers.

The above steps are simple to use in downloading HP printer software using Hp.123.com/setup.

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Printer Driver for Mac - Download and Install

Connect your HP Printer on Multiple Platforms with Ease

Connecting your printer with multiple devices has become easier as we progress into the age of innovative technology. Lots of techniques have evolved, making it easier for users to connect their printer machine with a range of devices, including 

  • Mobile phones 
  • Computer System (USB)
  • Wireless Or Router

 If you are an HP printer user searching for full technical assistance for the issues faced by you during your HP printer connection, look nowhere. 123 hp com setup is the one-stop solution to answer your printer connection queries in no time.

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Driver Download for Android Device using 123.hp.com setup

HP Printer Connection To Mobile Phones

Step 1: Download the HP ePrint App through Google Play Store or Apple Store on mobile phone.

Step 2: Next, choose the data usage preference on mobile and click on the “Done” Option.

Step 3: “Grant Permission” for the setup and also adding your email account.

Step 4: Proceed with the instructions on the screen to access the file you want to print.

Step 5: Open the “HP ePrint App” to print any document or file.

Step 6: Finally, when the process completes, you can connect the HP printer to mobile via 123.hp.com setup.

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Connection Of HP Printer via USB Cable

1: Ensure that the Printer is turned on and connected with USB cable.

2: Remove the USB cable from your computer.

3: Search for “Devices” in Windows and click the “Devices and Printers” control panel settings in the search results.

4: Right-click the icon for your printer model, and click remove device.

5: Close the “Devices & Printers” Window and proceed to the next step.

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Connect HP Printer and Router With Help Of These Steps

1: “Turn On” your Wireless Printer.

2: From Touch Screen Display, Press the “Setup” button and select “Network” option from the menu.

3: Select “Wireless Network Setup Wizard” from the “Network” menu. Now, your HP printer will search for the wireless routers available in the range. Select the network from the list.

4: Enter the “WEP/WPA passphrase” for the network and then press “done”.  Now press “OK” to confirm the settings. Press “OK” again to print the wireless test report.

5: Now, your HP printer has been set up on your wireless network.

6: Lastly, download and install the printer driver from 123 hp com setup page (http://www.hp.com/123) to finish the process.

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Connect HP Printer to the Mobile Phone via hp.com/setup

Essential Factors to Consider For Smooth Printing

Certain factors can harm your printer and thus cause hindrances during printing. So keeping in mind those points, we can follow them to ensure the proper utilization of your HP Print machine. These are:

Solutions to print effectively with HP printer:

  • Ensure that the printer head is clean and free from dust.
  • Always avoid giving too many print jobs at a time, which may lead to printing errors.
  • Always try to print in normal and draft mode. It will print faster than in higher dpi mode. Printing in the best quality makes the printer a bit slow.
  • Remove the separators in the documents as this will enable the user to avoid printing blank pages in due course of publication from the HP printer.
  • The paper on which print is to be taken must be blank as it prints fast.
  • Ensure the ink cartridges do not dry out due to occasional use.
  • Confirm that the version of the operating system used is the latest.

123 hp com setup - Online HP Printer Troubleshooting

Apart from guidance, we also offer Hp Printer troubleshooting tips for various technological problems with HP printers with cutting-edge fixes. We can help you find solutions quickly and resolve them entirely in no time by using conventional methods more efficiently.


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