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Hp Deskjet Printer Setup


123.hp.com/Deskjet Guide for HP DeskJet Printer Setup

HP DeskJet Printer offers all the essential features to its users one can expect from a best-in-class print machine. This budget-friendly all-in-one printer is designed for basic home printing. Every day documents can be quickly printed, copied, and scanned from multiple devices by connecting HP DeskJet printer through wireless or USB connections with the help of 123.hp.com/Deskjet.
It includes the optional HP+ Smart Printing System that keeps itself up to date and ready to print from virtually anywhere at any time at no additional cost. In addition, it supports Wi-Fi networks and Wi-Fi Direct apart from HP Smart App. This means you can print wirelessly from devices such as smartphones and tablets even if you do not have a wireless router. Moreover, you can print wirelessly from the iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and iMac through its inbuilt AirPrint technology.
Do you have an HP DeskJet printer at home or office?123.hp.com/Deskjet is offering the complete HP DeskJet printer setup on multiple devices like Mac, Windows, and Android phones through wireless and USB connections? With the expert’s guidance, it has become easy to quickly connect your printer to any device you want with ease.
Here, you will get complete information to set up your HP DeskJet printer on Windows, Mac, and Smartphone devices.

123 HP DeskJet Printer can be Setup Here

The printer setup is easy when you have step-by-step instructions and expert guidance. WWW.123.hp.com/Deskjet website is one such place where you can avail the best advice from the team of professionals in the US to set up your HP DeskJet printer efficiently on different devices, and that too with the customized solutions for troubles during the setting up process.

The HP DeskJet printers are quick to install, easy to set up with multiple devices and work well in home and office surroundings. You can set up your HP DeskJet Printer through wireless connectivity, USB cables, or a printer network. However, a good Wi-Fi network is required to set up a printer with a wireless connection.

Stick to the following requirements while planning to set up an HP DeskJet Printer on a wireless network:

  • The HP DeskJet printer and the device you want to connect with must be on the same wireless network.
  • The Wi-Fi key details like the network password and name are available.
  • Your Internet Connection must be working and have enough power.

Are you ready with the above information? If yes, then we can proceed further toward the printer setup.

123 HP DeskJet Printe setup

Unbox HP DeskJet Printer

To set up your HP DeskJet printer, you need first to unpack your printer. But it should be done with utmost care to protect the print machine from getting damaged. So, let’s start with the unboxing tour:

  • At first, pick the box containing the HP DeskJet printer and gently slide out the printer from that box. Then remove the plastic wrap around the printer and cables and place the printer on an even surface.
  • Set aside the printer manuals and driver installation CDs with the HP DeskJet printer box.
  • Connect the power cord to the rear of the printer, plug the other end of the power cord into an electrical socket, and turn on the printer.
  • Take ink cartridges from the box and place them by holding their sides into their slots by opening the ink cartridge access door and closing it after inserting them correctly.
  • When cartridges have been successfully installed, your printer will then produce a setup tone during the process.
  • Finally, load a sufficient amount of paper into the input tray. Here your printer hardware setup is completed.
  • Now, move towards installing printer drivers and then set up an HP DeskJet printer on multiple devices. Always download and install the latest version of printer drivers & software from 123.hp.com/Deskjet.

Let’s start setting up the HP DeskJet printer by following various methods to connect your printer with your PC, Mac, or smartphone.

Setting Up HP DeskJet Printer on Windows PC

Setting up your HP Printer on a Windows computer can be done after unboxing it (see the instructions above), with all tapes and packaging materials removed. After that, you must download or install all the required printer drivers. After that, you may proceed with the setup process.

Let’s begin with the HP DeskJet Printer setup with a Windows computer with simple-to-follow instructions:

  • To start the setup process, you need to keep your HP DeskJet Printer TURN ON and connected through your Wi-Fi router.
  • Download the latest and updated printer drivers. You can do this either from the 123.hp.com/Deskjet website or use the driver installation CD that came along with your printer.
  • Proceed further and go to the “Control Panel” of the printer to select the “Devices and Printers” option. A new window will be displayed; click on the top-right corner to the “Add a printer” link.
  • A list of printers will be displayed, here, select your HP DeskJet Printer model, and click on “Next.”
  • You must wait until your HP DeskJet Printer is successfully connected to your Windows computer.
  • Give a test print to confirm that your HP DeskJet printer setup is completed with your Windows computer.


HP- DeskJet Wireless Setup


Right Way to Connect HP DeskJet Printer through USB Connection

Many users ask us the right way to connect their HP DeskJet Printer to a Windows computer using a USB method. So, we have gathered some easy-to-follow instructions for our users to help and guide them with the step-by-step process of completing the setup on a Windows PC.

Follow the steps to connect your HP DeskJet Printer to your Windows computer using a USB connection method:

  • Users are required to connect one end of the USB cable to your HP DeskJet Wireless Printer and another end to the computer.
  • Start downloading printer drivers that are compatible with your HP DeskJet printer model. You can do this by using the CD that came with the printer or downloading the necessary drivers from HP’s official website, 123 Hp Com Deskjet.
  • Move further, hit the “Start” menu, and open the “Settings” app. Now, again hit on the “Devices.” And then on the “Printer or Scanner” option.
  • You will notice that windows have detected the name of your printer automatically. Now, hit on the printer’s name, and follow on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.

This is the complete process of setting up an HP DeskJet Printer with your Windows computer. If you need any assistance from the professionals, contact us via our 24/7 toll-free number on the website.

HP-DeskJet USB Setup


How to Connect HP DeskJet Printer Wirelessly

You can easily connect the HP DeskJet Printer with the wireless network through world-class wireless communication technology.

Here is the complete solution to connect your HP DeskJet Printer with a MAC computer using a Wireless connection method:

  • Keep your HP DeskJet Printer and your Wi-Fi router connected via the same Wi-Fi. Also, keep your router turned on while setting up.
  • Before proceeding with the setup process, go to the 123 HP com Deskjet website to download and install the latest HP DeskJet Printer drivers. This is the easiest way to download software for your HP printer model. You can do the same with the driver’s installation CD with the printer in the box.
  • Go to the “Apple” menu and select the “System Preferences” option.
  • A new window will appear on the screen. Hit the “Printers and Scanners” option.
  • After that, click on the “+” sign at the bottom left corner of the screen to add the HP DeskJet Printer.
  • Finally, look on the top left side of the screen; it will show your HP DeskJet Printer connection with your Mac system if successfully connected.


Connect HP DeskJet Printer Wirelessly


Connecting your HP DeskJet Printer to MAC through 123.hp.com/Deskjet

How to connect your new HP DeskJet printer to a Mac laptop or PC? Do not panic. We are here to explain this with the help of our professional’s team.

Follow our easy steps to set up your HP DeskJet Printer with MAC OS device easily by using the USB network connection:

  • Connect your printer and Mac with the same USB cable and turn on the HP DeskJet Printer.
  • Afterward, go to 123.Hp.com to download and install printer drivers or use the CD. You may choose any method you prefer most.
  • Now, hit the “Apple” icon, and go to “System Preferences.” After that, hit the “Printers and Scanners” option.
  • Now click on the “+” sign below the list of printers. A list of printers will be displayed. Hit the “Add New Printer” option to add your printer to the list.
  • We hope you have successfully connected your HP DeskJet printer with your Mac OS device.
HP DeskJet Printer to MAC


Easy Way to Connect HP DeskJet Wireless Printer to Smartphone

Smartphone users are increasing every day. Android phones have become a handy device and can be utilized for multiple purposes apart from their basic functionality like printing, scanning, and faxing. Yes, we are right. You can now connect your print machine to your Smartphone through HP Smart App and start printing anything directly from your phone. HP Smart App enables you to scan and print documents and photos from your Smartphone wirelessly.

So, if you want to learn to connect the HP DeskJet Printer to your Smartphone, the HP Smart App is the solution you have been looking for. Let’s follow the steps below to complete the setup:

  • The Smartphone should be connected to the same network as the HP DeskJet printer. Also, ensure that the Wi-Fi direct should be enabled on both printer and phone.
  • Turn on the “Bluetooth” option on your Smartphone.
  • Go to the “Google Play Store” app, and download the HP Printer Smart App on your Smartphone. Or you may either visit 123.hp.com/Deskjet to download and install the necessary software specific to your Smartphone.
  • Once installed completely, click on “Add Printer” to connect your HP DeskJet Printer to your phone.
  • From the list of available HP printers on the network, select your HP DeskJet Printer and click “Finish” to complete the setup.
  • Now, you are ready to print anything you wish. To check this, you may give the print command.
HP DeskJet Wireless Printer to Smartphone


At 123.hp.com/Deskjet or 123 Hp Com Deskjet, we believe in providing the best and most valuable instructions to set up your printer quickly and effectively. We promise you will never fail to set up your HP DeskJet printer if you follow us. Our methods are proven and tested by industry experts. Moreover, we keep upgrading our methodology to assist our customers with the best possible solutions to every printer-related issue. However, if you lack technical expertise and encounter difficulties during printer setup, don’t waste time and get in touch with our techies immediately to request 24/7 assistance across the US.

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